Laurie J. Kunzle 

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Revolution! The fundamental cause of change throughout history in every society and age.

 The resistance comes from the individuals who rise up and fight. The battles begin with joining together to fight against tyranny and oppression.

Arranger: Laurie J. Kunzle

Grade Level: MEDIUM

Performance Time: 7:45

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Part 1 OPPRESSION - Les Miserables opener/ Look Down, Rue's Whistle

duration 1:10

Part 2 The RESISTANCE Star Wars/The Resistance

duration 1:00

Part 3 REVOLUTION Hunger Games/Hanging Tree, Rue's Whistle

duration 2:00

Part 4 The COLONIES FIGHT  The Patriot/Main Theme

duration 1:50

Part 5 FINALE  Les Miserables/One More Day

duration 1:45

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These musical selections require copyright permission.

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