. . . never shall we die.

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Arrr you ready to sail the seas?  Be part of the ship and part of the crew.  Join our pirates as we quest for Life, Treasure & Salvation. This is a fun one for the band and always exciting for the audience. 

Unlimited visuals, costume and prop ideas. 

Yo ho  -  all together  - hoist the colors high.

Arranger: Laurie J. Kunzle

Grade Level: MEDIUM-EASY

Performance Time: 8:35

Price: $300 full show

Individual Movements $100

Hard copies or pdf files

Includes front ensemble percussion and some battery percussion.

Repertoire: Music from Pirates of the Carribean

Part 1 Quest for LIFE

duration 2:45

Part 2 Quest for TREASURE

duration 2:20

Part 3 Quest for SALVATION

duration 3:30

Musical selections require copyright permission.

sounds and scores available soon - email for interest & details.