Fantastic Music of John Williams

Show concepts and ideas

Scores available/ additional arrangements on request.

Fly with John Williams

Star Wars


Witches of Eastwick

Harry Potter medley

Catch Me If You Can

music arranged on request


Hedwig's theme

Close Encounters

Empire of the Sun


Stand and Fight​

The Patriot

The Resistance 
Star Wars themes

music arranged on request

Schindler's List

Duel of the Fates

Summon the Heroes

Home Alone

Empire of the Sun


Ancient & Mysterious Lands

music arranged on request

Jurassic Park I - II - III

Indiana Jones - Raiders - Last Crusade


Ewok Celebration

Home Land 

Far and Away

The Cowboys

Last Crusade - Indiana Jones

Empire of the Sun

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New arrangements - negotiable commissions

Film Score/ J Williams

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