Laurie J. Kunzle 

[email protected]


Gotham City sets the stage equipped with villains and heroes.  Have the capped crusaders save the day with a few "POWS" and "BAMS" as sinister villains laugh, steel and cause general mayhem on the field.

Arranger: Laurie J. Kunzle

Grade Level: MEDIUM-EASY

Performance Time:  7:20

  • play all parts
  • preview score
  • sound file samples


Part 1 BEGIN  Opener & introduction to our heroes.

duration 2:00

Part 2 FALL   The battle against the villains

duration 2:35

Part 3 RISE   The rise of Gotham City

duration 2:45

with addition of sound files/effects

score preview

sound file 1

These musical selections require copyright permission.

sounds and scores available soon - UNDER CONSTRUCTION QUARANTINE 2020. email for interest & details

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