Arranger: Laurie J. Kunzle

Grade: Medium

Duration: 7:10

Price: $400 full show

Instrumentation: Full  winds, ensemble percussion and some battery percussion


1. BEGIN  2:00

Opener and Introduction of the heroes,  Out of the bat cave 

and into the city of Gotham.

2.  FALL  2:30

The battle and fall of the Villains. The fight continues to rid 

Gotham of as many bad guys as you can come up with.

3.  RISE  2:40

The rise of Gotham City. As always, the heroes win in the end.

At least in this story.

Gotham City sets the stage equipped with villains and heroes.  The capped crusaders can save the day with a few "POWS" and "BAMS" as sinister villains laugh, steal and cause general mayhem on the field. Unlimited visuals, costume and prop ideas. Musical arrangements visit all the eras of Gotham City's stories, from motifs of the original series to the  many films through the years.

Licensing  permission is required



Always ready to assist with complete program development.

Show comes complete with full transposed score, hard copies and pdf files

All parts full size and reduced flip folder size. All audio files and rehearsal tracks.

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