Captured Moments

in American History

Arranger: Laurie J. Kunzle

Grade: Medium

Duration: 7:00

Price: $450 full show +sound files

Instrumentation: Full winds most percussion.


Audio Previews - play with sound files*

1. COURAGE   2:25

Appalachian Spring/America

Open with great speeches from iconic Americans

2. VICTORY  2:10

Navy Hymn/Sing, Sing, Sing

segue into P.2 with WWII Air Raid - Open with FDR speech

3. HONOR  2:25

Amazing Grace/ Fight Song

Open with MLK iconic speech "I have a dream"
Conclude the show remembering JFK "Ask Not."

American History feature and spectacular patriotic showcase. Re-enact iconic images on the field and hear inspiring quotes as the most memorable music is performed. Picture the scenes of white picket fences and American flags, the heroic moment of a battle ended, the Iwo Jima, and a victory celebration in Times Square as it is announced, "The War is over".  

Licensing  permission is required for some selections

SOUN​D FILES play with music.

Part 2 prelude

WWII Air Raid Siren


Always ready to assist with complete program development.

Show comes complete with full transposed score, hard copies and pdf files

All parts full size and reduced flip folder size. All audio files and rehearsal tracks.

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