Laurie J. Kunzle 

[email protected]

Music Arranger


Laurie has designed competitive field shows and worked with 

top design teams for both marching bands and drum corps.

Ready to provide your group with the right tools for success and

to assist your program in developing a great show design.


 "It is important to pick the right show for your group and to write at the 

best level to both challenge and succeed."       
-L.J. Kunzle


Shows Designed for:

- Pride of Bristol Drum & Bugle Corps, Bristol, ENGLAND   

- The Harrison Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps, NJ   

 - Connecticut Hurricanes Drum & Bugle Corps, CT  

- The U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Wind Jammers, CT     

- The Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps, NY      

- The Musketeers Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps, PA

- Sound of Long Island Drum & Bugle Corps, NY    

- Lakeland Regional HS Band, NJ     

- Vernon Township HS Band, NJ    

- Cedar Grove HS Band, NJ

- Temple University Marching Band, PA 

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